aquesttobelovely asked:

Hello, I've been looking through tumblr trying to find people I could speak to about their teaching abroad experiences. I am looking to apply to programs for after I graduate this May of 2015. I was wondering if I could ask you questions about JET and your experiences?

Sure, but I did JET a long time ago (2005-2008). I still live and work in Japan though and might be able to share something useful in terms of that experience. Please don’t take anything I say as gospel though, it’s all just subjective experience :)

getbentsarah asked:

I've been trying to order Japanese snacks online and I was wondering if you have any recommendations of what websites I should go to In terms of trustworthy/has the most variety of things. I used to live in Japan for 2 years and I miss it dearly!

I ordered stuff from white rabbit before, but never ordered from anywhere else, because when I wasn’t in Japan I was in London, which meant that a few stores (mostly in chinatown) stocked what I wanted.
I mainly missed CC lemon (available in London’s Chinatown) and kabocha (impossible to get in my experience). I ate kabocha literally every day for about a year when I came back. I still love it.